Pau d´Arco (Tecoma Violacea): “Immune power from the Rain Forest” Natural antibioticum, builds up immunity and resistence, produces red blood cells, support therapy for cancer and HIV, prevents cancer, general tonic

Olive leaf (Olea europea): Heart and veins protector: high blood pressure, angina pectoris, atherosclerose, keeps the veins supple, helps varicose veins, persistent fevers and all kinds of infectious diseases

Corn Silk (zea maïs): Kidneys and Bladder support, old medicine from the American Indians, to treat problems of the urinary tract and bladder, cystitis, pyelitis, olyguria and edemous conditions

Cherry´s pedunkles: very good for helping dissolve and expel kidney stones and to cleanse the urinary tract..

Stone crusher (Phylantus niruri): Dissolves and eliminates stones from kidneys and gall-bladder, treats diseases of the urinary tract, protects the liver from and treats hepatitis B and other liver diseases

Chá Mineiro (echinodorus Macrophylus): Strong purfyer of Blood, Liver and urinary systhem, Best known plant to help rheumatic infections, arthritis, skin complains, eczeem, furunculosis; prevents artherosclerosis, relieves legg-sweling

Ash leaf (Fraximus Excelsior): Eliminates excess fluids and urea, purifies the urinary and the digestive systhems gives relief from rheumatic conditions helps to loose weight and to prolongate youth

Ginko Biloba: Brain stimulant, protects the memory, clarifyes the ideas. sharpens the sences, treats blood circulation problems; protects and strenghtens the central nervous and immune systhems, destroys free radicals

St. Johnswort (hypericum perforatum): A classic to treat nervous conditions, melancholy, insomnia, bedweting, anemia, jaundice, chest congestion, uterine cramps and menstrual difficulties

Intestinal regulater: A classic herb mix to treat constipation and regulate bowels function.

Damiana (Turnera aphrodisiaca): Natural anti depressivum, treats anxiety and depression, tonic for the hormonal, central nervous and sexual systhems, aphrodisiac. Can be smoked as well as tea

Passion Flower (Passiflora incarnata): Pranquiliser, reduces stress, helps to sleep, calms cramps and colics, supports detox programs,: alcohol, drugs, tabaco

Nature pills (macela): A rare kind of camomille whose flowers show only a well developed yelow disk without petals. It is more bitter that any other kind of camomille and can be taken as a pill or as infusion for stomacal and intestinal disorders and as wash for irritated eyes

Ephedra (Ephedra sinica): Natural stimulant, activates body and mind, rises low blood pressure, helps against allergies, astma coughing, bronquites.

Guaraná beans (Paulinia Cupana): stimulates adrenalina production, stimulates cerebral functions, gives strenght, energy, alertness, it also treats diarrea Atherosclerose, overweight and depression.

Datura leaf (Datura stramonium): Non toxic. Instant relief in astmatic crisis, withou side effects.

Flower Light (Marrubium vulgare): A small flower that has been used as wick for oil lamps for ages; it gives o lovely bright yellow flame without smoke.

Defumador – cleansing / healing smokes: Combination of herbs and resins to smoke away undesirable energies, from body and mind, healing space, temple, home, creating a pleasant and peacefull mood. Good for the longs

Clay Smoker: Atractive object hand made from red clay, the shape reminding a chimney, special to burn herbs and enabling to direct the smoke where needed

Smudge set: Bag containing Defumador, Clay Smoker, coals and instructions for a smudge ritual

Herbal Cussions and Pillows: Selected fragant herbs in a miniature to carry in handbag for a refreshing smell when needed, a big size to use as pillow for a peacefull sleep and pleasant dreams; elbow support for computer work.

Palo Santo – Holly Wood: sacred healing incense of the Incas, Other peruvian products are available: Maca, Huachuma, Hoja.


Herbal Elixir – alcoholic extract: With Pau d´Arco, ginseng, guarana and 10 more powerfull herbs. Gives immediate strenght and well beeing boosts the immune systhem, restores energy and solid health

Corn silk – alcoholic extract: To dilute in water or herb tea, same indications as the herb

Passion Flower – alcoholic extract: To dilute in water or herb tea, same indications as the herb

Ginko Biloba - alcoholic extract: To dilute in water or herb tea, same indications as the herb

Valerian - alcoholic extract: To dilute in water or herb tea, to treat nervous disordrs,, insomnia, support in detox programs

Pain Remover. Alcoholic extract of powerfull herbs with camphor
For external use only, to rubb on painfull spots, specially joints

Aloë Vera Juice: from fresh adult plants for deep purification / celular cleansing. There are claims of cancer cures with aloë vera juice.

Freeze-Dried extract:

Curadiola (from CURADOR) – Rhodiola Rosea: The Golden Root of Manchurian antiquity, considered Nature´s gift for the new milenium. Adaptogene enabling the systhem to cope with stress, increasing energy, concentration and focus. Box with 60 capsules.

Curadarco (fom CURADOR) Pau d´Arco: in soluble very concentrated form. Box with 50 gr. of powder with mesuring spoon. Same indications as the herb.

Pure Oils from biologic production:

Copaiba Oil (copaifera officinalis): Extracted directly from cavities in the trunc of the great Amazonia Copal trea. Wonderfull antiseptic/healer for inner and outer use. Very recommended for lungs and disorders of the respiratory systhem, inner and outer fungoid infections, for psoriasis, eczeem, cuts, burns, etc.

Oil of Saint John - St.Johnwort. oil: Extract of flowers of Hypericum perforatum in Olive oil
Classic in herbal medicine for skin problems ,specially chipped feet and chilblains, and also for intestinal cramps, liver support.

Oil of Santa Maria – Cannabis (no THC): Healing massage oil (aromatherapy) soothing and harmonising, good for tired muscles and cramps, phamtom pains, dammaged skin; lung protector,
Composed basically of cold pressed oil of organic edible seeds of Cannabis with Essencial Oil of the floering tops of Cannabis

Aura Clear – Air purifyer (Aromatherapy): Floral waters with essential oils Refreshing and uplifting. To spray aroun the head or in the room. Based on orange blossoms, bergamot and lemmon grass Blue glass bottle with spray top.

Heart Chakra Joy (Aromatherapy): Floral waters with essential oils A wonderfull dream of roses, tonic for the heart. To spray aroun the head or in the room Blue glass bottle with spray top.

Individual Therapeutic and Beauty oils on order